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Situated at Nantong Economic & Technological development Zone,Nantong,china,Nantong Jianghai Steel Wire Rope Factory is one of the important metallic enterprise in China.With the advanced industrial technologies and completed testing methods,,the annual output of wire ropes is about 5000 tons.The comprehensive quality of the products is at first level in this industry.
‘The quality first.The customer first is the guide-lines of the factory.It can produce new-designed special steel wire ropes with brand of QILI .There are all kinds of specifications and dimensions from Diameter 40mm to Diameter 3mm.The products has got good reputations from the customers for these characteristics.
The steel wire ropes with specifications of 8*q9s,,35*7 and 6*29 Fi produced according to the ISO standard and western advanced standards have been applied in elevators,high tower cranes and hoists etc.The factory has made a way into international market on the base of its powerful technologies.The products have a good market in Europe,America,Middle East and South-East Asia countries etc.Every customer in or out china are warmly welcomed to the factory.
Our Product
Steel wire rope , steel wire , steel chain , stainless coils , steel pipe
Production EquipmentBright wire rope Free Sample