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Biografie: The hemp coffee bag is made by using natural pure hemp yarns and fabric. It is perfect for fitting coffee beans, because the hemp is one of the most environmentally fabric, versatile plants in the world. It is know to have a multitude of uses.

Production features
1. It is made of high quality and environmental protection burlap, and it is more durable, has good moisture absorption and air permeability function.
2. Unique design
The drawstring makes this burlap sacks easier to fasten so avoid objects lost.
3. It is suitable for storing coffee bean.
Shape and Size(mm) :Flat bottom shape
LogoScreen printing in black.
Packing25 pcs per poly bag .500 pcs per carton
Delivery lead timeShipping :
-Air Shipping ,Express (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT so on )
-Sea shipping, from Shenzhen port to any other destination

Why use hemp bag for fitting coffee beans?
The hemp fabric has the qualities everyone want in a food bag: sustainable, breathable, absorbent. Anti-microbial, extremely durable and as natural as the food we are eating, so the hemp bag is perfect for fitting coffee beans . And the hemp bag doesn’t rip like plastic and other standard carton packaging.

Hemp drawstring bagSeveral yearsUnlimited
Paper carton packagingSeveral times2 times

Paper carton packaging

hemp drawstring bag
Q1: What can hemp bags be used for?
They are great for fitting coffee bean and other products.
Q2: Can you arrange transportation for me?
We have worked with experienced freight forwarders and we can provide cheap and safe international ocean and air freight forwarding services.
Q3: Do you have a range of stock items for selling?
We have no standard lines available in stock, because all of our products are customized as customer’s requests.


Product Qualification and why choose us
Quality certification: CPSIA ,CE(EN12368,LVD,EMC), SGS,China Hemp Drawstring Coffee Bean Bag